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Why is HAPPIELS Bakeware Made of Carbon Steel?

Baking is both a science and an art - just as every ingredient has a purpose in a recipe, so does the type of baking pan you use.

It is true that different types of baking pans and their materials react differently with food and heat, giving each a place in your kitchen. Carbon steel bakeware has the durability and heat tolerance of cast iron, the surface of non-stick, and heats up fast like stainless steel.

What Is Carbon Steel?

HAPPIELS bakeware is made of carbon steel - a staple in many restaurant kitchens, carbon steel is pressed from raw, heavy-gauge steel, making it a stronger, more durable option than aluminum.

Carbon steel baking pans are ideal for cookies, cakes, breads, bars, and other desserts.

Exceptional Heat Conductivity

Carbon steel is an excellent heat conductor which means that your pans will heat evenly eliminating hot spots and avoiding burnt or undercooked cakes & breads. Carbon steel baking pans cool down quickly once out of the oven - this will prevent your cakes from drying out, keeping them moist and flavourful.

The material also achieves and maintains both very low and very high temperatures for greater versatility. For comparison, carbon steel pans are thinner and lighter than cast iron, and also more responsive to temperature change which is important as it gives you more control over the baking process.

Naturally Non-Stick

Carbon Steel as a material has natural non-stick properties and actually becomes more and more nonstick over time.

HAPPIELS bakeware nevertheless has double silicone coating which provides an even easier release of your baked-goods, and also ensures minimal & easy cleanup afterwards. Most importantly, it is completely safe and Teflon | BPA | PTFE | PFOA free.

We do recommend following the recipe when it comes to seasoning the bakeware, however non-stick coating also effectively reduces the amount of oil and fats required in the baking process if you choose to.

Extremely Long Lasting

Carbon steel bakeware can last you a lifetime if properly cared for.

It is important to mention that carbon steel as a material is susceptible to rust, therefore we do recommend hand washing and thorough drying before storing your cake pans and baking sheets.

One of our tips is to put the pans in the oven at 100°F to dry them quickly.

Also, carbon steel may react to acidic food. It will not affect the performance of the bakeware, however it may impact the visual appearance.

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