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How to Prevent a Baking Sheets from Warping and Changing Shape?

We are sharing some tips to keep your pans from warping and bending. Although uneven heating is the main cause why your pans warp, it is important to keep an eye on a few characteristics when purchasing your next baking sheet and follow some guidelines when using them.

1) Pay attention to the thickness of the pan!

Thicker pans heat more evenly than thinner pans which makes them more resistant to warping. Even if the thicker pans will warp during the baking in higher degrees, they most probably will regain the shape once out of the oven and cool down.

2) Purchase baking sheets that have reinforced rims

The structural construction of the pan helps to keep the shape of the pan in the heat and also when baking heavier items such as vegetables, meat etc.

3) Respect the temperature limits given by the manufacturer

Any baking sheet will warp if its used in temperature is not made for. It is important to check if the baking sheet meets your usual baking needs - check if the baking sheet has a maximum temperature before buying and using it.

4) Always allow your bakeware to cool down before cleaning

Avoid extreme temperature changes if you want to keep your pans in a good shape for longer. Putting a hot cookie sheet under a running water can cause warping and damage the pan permanently.

5) Spread the food evenly

Using the correct size baking sheet and spreading the food evenly across the pan will prevent the baking sheet developing hot spots and uneven heating.

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